The Ghosts of Linehan Hall

A new Rycroft story, pitting the Professor against the paranormal.

Professor Charles Rycroft has never believed in the paranormal. And when he crosses path with notorious psychic investigator Ned Emerson, he finds little reason to change his opinion.

Emerson is leading a team of American researchers in the hopes of finding proof of paranormal activity at the fabled Linehan Hall. The house, supposedly haunted by the ghost of a maid, has long been abandoned, and Emerson’s plans to head inside have caused some upset. He has received a death threat on the night of his arrival, and he finds a gruesome delivery waiting in his hotel room – a bloody heart, and a warning message.

Undeterred, the team head to the house and begin their experiments. But next morning, when one of them is found dead, ostensibly of natural causes, the Professor must attempt to figure out what happened, and whether he must defeat a ghostly antagonist or an all-too-human killer…

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