Nosferatu was released in 2017, and was my first available score.

Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter’s wife.

This film was my second collaboration with the Warwick Student Cinema, and one that I was particularly keen to drive. I love horror films and I wanted to do a horror score – as a silent composer, the challenge of scoring one of the most iconic genre films ever was hugely exciting. So, I dove into Nosferatu (1922).

I learned a lot from my composing Steamboat Bill Jr. – this time, I started by watched the film and noting the key themes and narrative lines I wanted to bring out in my music. There are a number of recurring themes for Orlok, which are all featured in the ‘Main Titles’ – they are simple but sound ominous, and sweep without ever reaching a resolution. From the off, we have a sense of Orlok as a terrifying figure who keeps influencing the narrative – his themes keep slipping in.

I composed a heroic theme for Hutter, which I subvert somewhat as he faces the vampire. There’s a sweet yet tragic 6/8 movement for his wife Ellen, and a couple of recurring motifs for the estate agent Knock and Professor Bulwer.

This is a score that does a lot – it feels off without ever losing its musicality, and that was a hard line to tread. There’s a constant feeling of motion, almost inevitability, as we move towards the film’s climax.

One last point of interest – on the night of the first performance, I also provided an original song. Entitled ‘Endless Night’, it used a combination of the Orlok and Ellen themes, with lyrics enabling two readings – that of Hutter fighting to save Ellen, and Orlok coming to find her. It was sung beautifully by Sara Terry – alas, it does not suit my voice, so I have not as of yet recorded it.


  1. Main Titles/Opening (2:33)
  2. Hutter and Ellen (1:48)
  3. Letter from Orlok (3:45)
  4. To the Land of Phantoms (3:44)
  5. The Inn of Vampyres (4:40)
  6. To the Castle (5:03)
  7. Count Orlok (2:34)
  8. The Precious Blood (2:11)
  9. Neck Wounds (1:47)
  10. A Letter to Ellen (2:09)
  11. The Locket (1:38)
  12. Orlok Attacks Hutter (5:13)
  13. The Crypt (3:23)
  14. Downstream (0:40)
  15. Hutter in Hospital (0:51)
  16. The Empusa (2:13)
  17. Blood Is Life (4:19)
  18. A Letter From Hutter (4:16)
  19. The Plague Is Coming (1:16)
  20. Orlok Preys (5:57)
  21. The Master Is Near (4:56)
  22. Arrival (3:36)
  23. Not a Living Soul Onboard (4:26)
  24. Plague Proclamation (1:20)
  25. The Plague Spreads (3:57)
  26. Ellen Hatches a Plan (2:39)
  27. Knock Is Hunted (3:20)
  28. Orlok Comes for Ellen (3:56)
  29. Finale (3:53)

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