Live from Lockdown

As Covid-19 swept the globe, I wrote a few songs to reflect the moment.

I Miss Parties

As everyone was confined to lockdown, I saw a similar refrain from people my age – they wanted to get out so they could go clubbing again. It was such a bizarre thought that I had to write a song about it.

As I wrote it, Warwick’s very own vice-chancellor Stuart Croft promised ‘one hell of a party’ when we all made it back – well, that was a line that had to make it in somehow!

I Miss You, Mum

After I wrote the first tune, I realised that it was a little too fun to capture the sadness that so many have suffered as a result of the pandemic, and so I thought a second was in order. One of the major scandals of the pandemic is how governments across the world essentially left care home residents to die – people who seemed to be considered expendable, to the extent that everyone forgot they were still people.

This tune imagines a woman who cast her dementia-suffering mother to a care home, only to realise that she’s unlikely to see her ever again. It’s a sad one, perhaps the bleakest thing I’ve ever come up with, but I think it’s a necessary one.


  1. I Miss Parties (2:01)
  2. I Miss You, Mum (2:36)

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