Le Voyage dans la Lune

A new score to the iconic silent film by Georges Méliès.

I was honoured to write a new score for what is perhaps the most famous silent score of all time – who doesn’t know that shot of the moon with a rocket in its eye?

My challenge in this film was reconciling my usual motif-driven approach with a film that barely lasts 13 minutes and is primarily focused on spectacle. You will detect a number of themes – a grand motif for the scientists, one for the townsfolk, a motif based around a warning cry for the Selenites – and I mixed that into general atmospheric work. I think the hall at the start, the town, the flight, the Moon – all of these spaces have their own musical feel. This was a project I enjoyed, and I hope I produced a score as magical as Méliès’ film.


  1. Le Voyage dans la Lune (12:43)

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